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Vampire hunter D PS1

The Vampire hunter D's game is based on the movie itself. If you however, play the game and then watch the movie, you'll notice some holes in the game's plot. Some characters are missing, some things just happen and you're not given any explanation how or why, they just suddenly are.

The controls requires some learning and training. But the game is okay to play. Taking in note that this is a ps1 game, I'd say the graphics are rather good.
The vibes game provides are similar to the ones given by Resident evil 1 and 2 for the playstation and the boogey-men along your way are very similar to RE's zombies. Puzzles aren't too hard to solve, and the game altogether is pretty short. The voice acting is bad, luckily I like the voice of the D himself. But other than that, the voice acting doesn't have any emotion attached to it, it sounds like they're just reading directly from the paper and not even trying. Kinda makes your ears bleed.

In the battles you have small arsenal of spells and the most important one is the healing spell. Other spells aren't much of a use because you have a sword which doesn't need mp restoring after use unlike the spells do. You also have an interesting assistant with you, your TALKING left hand. He absorbs the baddies you defeat and turns them into mp for your spells to use. And of course, he has alway something to say. Ha ha. :D Overall, the playing is the same as in RE games, run to room F to get a key to room H, run to room H to get the key to the room B, kill baddies along the way, face a boss, from room B run to room R to find a key to room G etc....

If you wish to know the whole story, watch the movie Vampire hunter D: blood-lust. If you've already seen the movie, play the game, just for the kicks of it. My rating: 6/10

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